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February 28, 2012 | Posted in:

Proposed Changed to WSIB Policy

The WSIB hired KPMG to conduct a value for money audit of the efficiency and effectiveness of its claims administration and adjudication processes.  Here are KPMG’s recommendations:

  • The current adjudication of permanent impairment (NEL) awards is generous compared to other provinces.  The WSIB should consider adopting its own rating schedule instead of the AMA Guides.


  • The Work Disruptions policies should be revised because injured workers who are laid off from their jobs - and whose ability to get another job is negatively affected by their workplace disability - have an "unfair" advantage over workers who are not injured.
  • The Aggravation Basis and Recurrences policies have led to the "expansion of entitlement" and benefits "beyond what was envisioned" especially for workers with pre-existing age-related conditions.  KPMG suggests these policies be revised to prevent this alleged overcompensation.  KPMG suggests there should be a time limit for injured workers to claim a recurrence if their injury gets worse.


  • The WSIB should consider recommending that the government eliminate the six-year final review of benefits.


  • Workers who are claiming to be unemployable should be required to apply for Canada Pension Disability.


WSIB Management indicated its support for all of these recommendations.  These recommendations, if implemented, would significantly affect and decrease injured workers benefits.


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We need to stand up for injured workers’ right and benefits before they are gone!

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