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Don't go it alone!!


With the Institute for Injured Workers on your side, you are represented by a legal team that knows exactly what must be done to ensure that you receive  benefits and compensation you are entitled to under the law. We pride ourselves in obtaining the very best possible result for our clients through a thorough understanding of the law and years of experience applying it. You don’t have to go it alone. Call us and be assured that you now have a powerful advocate on your side who is looking out for you.



Don’t take NO for an answer.


Check with us first. WSIB claims go unpaid because they are not represented by an advocate who knows and understands how the WSIB system works.

WSIB claims go unpaid because injured workers don’t know their rights.



Fight Back!!


By making sure you are represented by a Team who has been fighting for the rights of Injured Workers for over 25 years! Peter Mancini and his team are ready to assist you with your inquiries.  We also assist injured workers with Canada Pension Disability Applications and Appeals and Human Rights Complaints. We have offices in London and Toronto and we actively represent clients from all over Southwestern Ontario.